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This book presents the latest in assessing malignant and non-malignant pain, total pain, nociceptive and neuropathic pain, opioid conversions, common side effects of pain treatment, and nonopioid adjuvant medications.

Upon completion of this self-study program the learner should be better able to

  • assess the difference between acute and chronic pain in terms of treatment strategies and opioid responses
  • understand the historical evolution and concept of "total pain" and its importance to chronic pain and cancer pain management
  • understand opioid pharmacology and its clinical importance
  • understand pain pathways, phenotypes and the importance of these pathways to cancer pain management strategies
  • understand cancer bone pain and neuropathic pain mechanisms and how these mechanisms relate to targeted pain management
  • better assess pain using multiple pain assessment tools and questionnaires
  • better determine when diagnostic tests should be used in assessing pain syndromes
  • rationally choose an opioid based on patient and clinical characteristics and context
  • convert opioid equivalents and adjust opioids using opioid conversion tables and guidelines
  • understand the limitation of equianalgesic tables
  • convert opioids from oral to alternative routes (intravenous, subcutaneous, rectal, and spinal)
  • understand spinal analgesia and drug choices
  • recite adjuvant and analgesic classes, understand the pharmacology of each class and when each class should be used and not used
  • appropriately tritrate opioids based upon pain intensity
  • identify and treat opioid side effects
  • appropriately treat cancer pain in someone with an addiction disorder
  • choose opioids and non-opioid analgesics for special populations, patients with liver disease, renal insufficiency and the elderly

Mellar P Davis, MD FCCP FAAHPM
Shalini Dala, MD
Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD MA BCPS CPE
Paul A. Sloan, MD
Harold Goforth, MD
Eric Roeland, MD FAAHPM

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