Frequently Asked Questions

*Updated as of 2023

Please review the items below to guide you through the most common questions. If you are still experiencing issues, you can contact AAHPM Member Services at 847.375.4712 or at Hours for response are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm CT. 

Log In Instructions

For best user experience, please log in to AAHPM Learn using Google Chrome via your personal device (laptop or desktop preferred). Safari and Microsoft Edge are also acceptable web browsers.

Existing AAHPM Users

Use your AAHPM credentials to log into AAHPM Learn:

  • Click "AAHPM Learn login" at the top right corner of the page
  • Log in with your AAHPM credentials
  • If you have forgotten your username or password:
    • Select "Forgot username?" or “Forgot password?”
    • Enter your email address--this will generate an email with a link and instructions to reset your password or fetch your username

New AAHPM Users

If you have never created an account with AAHPM, please complete the following steps:

  • Click "AAHPM Learn login" at the top right corner of the page
  • Select "Create an Account"
  • Complete the required fields and Submit

If you experience difficulty logging in or resetting your password, please contact AAHPM Member Services at 847.375.4712 or email

Purchasing Questions

If you are trying to make a purchase and need assistance, please contact AAHPM Member Services at 847.375.4712 or email

Where do I access an activity that I have purchased?

On the AAHPM Learn home page, hover over the My Account heading and select Activities. Activities you have not yet completed are under the Pending Activities tab. 

How long do I have access to my purchases?

After purchasing an activity, a user will have access for one year after the date of purchase. After one year, a user must renew their activity to continue having access.

Where are my activities I purchased before AAHPM Learn launched?

For CE activities purchased prior to the launch of AAHPM Learn (July 14, 2021), historical CE completion data has been transferred to your AAHPM Learn account. Access has expired for all purchased activities prior to the launch of AAHPM Learn. You may review your purchase history in your AAHPM account via the website.

What happens when I purchase the AAHPM Learn Subscription?

By purchasing the subscription, you receive instant access to many activities for one year, with new content being added throughout the year. 

Where can I purchase an AAHPM Lapel Pin?

The AAHPM lapel pin is available for purchase on the AAHPM website.

Credit Questions

Where can I view my claimed credit?

From the AAHPM Learn home page, hover over My Account then select Transcript. You can view your claimed credits on the Completed Activities tab.

How many credits can I claim for an activity?

Credits vary from each activity. To find the number of credits offered for an activity, please search for your desired activity in the Catalog and locate the Activity Summary in the Overview tab, which shows the available credits for the activity. Please note that there are a few activities that do not offer credit. Please review the Accreditation tab before purchasing an activity. 

How do I print my transcript?

From the AAHPM Learn home page, hover over My Account then select Transcript. On that screen, select the date range you wish to report your credit and click Apply. Then select the Download PDF icon to save and Print.

What is the deadline to claim CME/MOC for an activity I purchased?

There are deadlines placed for all online activities. To find a credit-claiming deadline for a specific activity, please look for your purchased activity in your Pending Activities page (if incomplete). Click on the title of the activity and click on the Accreditation tab. The deadlines listed will be in bold under each Continuing Medical Education (CME) statement and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) statement. As a note, please be mindful of the time zones listed for the deadlines to ensure you successfully complete your purchased activity.

Can I claim CME/MOC for a physical product (ex: Essentials Book set)?

There is no CME/MOC offered for physical products that are shipped to you. Please review the Accreditation tab before purchasing an activity. 

I do not see CME for an activity that I completed. Where do I claim CME?

From the AAHPM Learn home page, hover over My Account then select Transcript. If your credit is not listed under Completed Activities, you may not have fully completed the activity. 

From that screen, select the Pending Activities tab and click on the name of the activity you wish to claim credit from. Then click on Take Course and complete the final steps in the activity. An activity is considered successfully completed when the activity appears in the Completed Activities page

How do I print a certificate for a specific activity?

From the AAHPM Learn home page, hover over My Account then select Transcript. On the Completed Activities tab, view your completed activities and the bottom, find the column that says Certificate and select the download link. You are able to print the downloaded certificate from there.

As a note, you are only able to download/print a CME Certificate and/or Certificate of Participation. When you select to download an MOC Certificate, you will receive the following message: 

There is no certificate for this credit type. Please view and download your CME certificate and/or Certificate of Participation. 

How do I submit my earned MOC credit?

It is the CME activity provider's responsibility to submit participant completion information to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) for the purpose of granting ABIM or ABP MOC credit. The participant may contact their board directly for verification that the MOC was submitted and accepted.

Where can I self-claim CME from non-AAHPM activities?

Hover over My Account and select Activities. Then select the tab External Credits. Select the Add Credits button to begin entering your credit information. 

Activity Questions

How do I know what activity would be shipped to me, or accessed online?

To find what activities are shipped to you, please go to the Catalog, and search for the filters on the left side. Under format, you can select Paperback Book (shipped) and the results for the following shipped activities will appear.

What activities are resourceful for board prep?

Resourceful board prep activities can be found in the filters section on the left side of the Catalog. Under Category, you can select Board Prep and the results for the following board prep activities will appear.

Are recorded activities in AAHPM Learn downloadable? 

Recorded activities in AAHPM Learn are not downloadable nor can be viewed outside of AAHPM Learn. Some activities may include presentation handouts, which are downloadable. 

How do I find new activities that were recently published in AAHPM Learn? 

Recently published activities can be located on the AAHPM Learn homepage. Scroll down to the page, and you will find a list of new activities under Newly Added Activities. 

A pop-up blocker stopped me from accessing my activity. How do I resolve this?

You need to disable popup blockers for this site. If you are taking this activity at your organization, you may need to contact your IT department to allow popups for