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This book shares effective strategies for communicating with patients, families, and healthcare professionals as well as communicating bad news. Family systems theory, counseling techniques for family meetings, roles of the interdisciplinary team members, conflict resolution, confidentiality and managing the stress associated with caring for seriously ill patients are included.

Upon completion of this self-study program the learner should be better able to

  • demonstrate effective strategies when communicating with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals
  • identify the positive impacts of effective communication
  • identify patient, family and provider barriers to effective communication
  • demonstrate effective techniques when communicating serious news
  • demonstrate effective techniques for eliciting patient goals for medical care and achieving a shared decision
  • utilize a framework for discussing prognosis and assessing prognostic awareness
  • describe family systems theory and counseling techniques to facilitate family conferences
  • describe the roles and functions of team members to interact more effectively as a team member
  • employ conflict-resolution skills to promote effective teamwork
  • utilize a framework to guide decisions about respecting confidentiality
  • demonstrate effective techniques to manage the stress associated with caring for patients with terminal illness.

Lara Michal Skarf, MD
Andrew Thurston, MD
Katie H. Stowers, DO

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